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Does anyone want to have a convo in Spanish with me? (I go back to school in one day and I need to practice)

How can I even enjoy the month if this is the picture on the pens calendar?!

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Behind every great sporting triumph, there’s a moment that makes it possible. We call it Moment Zero™. Watch Shawn Warford’s Moment Zero, starring Steven Stamkos as Shawn Warford (and a cameo appearance by Jordan Eberle).

More like 1 broken jaw, 2 concussions, and 3 rare trips to the sin bin.





*NHL announces expansion to las vegas*

[tyler seguin trips over his feet asking for a trade]

(jonny toews claps his hands over pkanes ears and guides him away)

(Paul Bissonnette offers to play for payment in beer and speedos)

(Michael Del Zotto speeds over to Vegas in his salmon shorts on his inflatable dolphin)


Sometimes you gotta do what your mom tells you to do….❤️” 

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Questionokay i'm about to enter my senior year of high school and i'm just so scared about what comes after like i'm scared shitless to go to college and the real world and i was just wondering if you had any words of wisdom for me bc i know you're a successful college student))) Answer


"successful college student" is a stretch. "disillusioned former high school perfectionist with an average college GPA" is more accurate tbh. 


  • use collegeboard to search schools you’re interested in. check everything out — admittance %’s, requirements, tuition, etc. HURRY UP if it’s not too late.
  • study for and take all the tests — sat’s, act’s, sat subject tests, etc. (HURRY UP, seniors.)
  • figure out which AP exams are worth taking at the end of the year. some colleges accept 3’s. some colleges only accept 5’s. some colleges only accept certain subjects. don’t waste money on those exams if your college won’t accept them (for example: i got 3’s and 4’s on my AP exams, so i got 13 credits out of the way entering college; i skipped psych101, calculus1, humanities, and english1.)
  • apply to schools worth applying to. don’t apply to 10 schools just because the valedictorian is doing it. applications are expensive and exhausting and that many options will just be overwhelming. apply to a 1-3 HARD schools, 1-3 average schools, 1-3 easy schools, 1-3 in-state schools. be realistic.
  • no one really gives a shit where you went to school for undergrad (first 4 years of college)…unless you’re trying to be president or something idk. don’t be discouraged if you don’t get into a prestigious school. every university provides an education. it’s how you take advantage of it that matters.
  • get a job and save money. it’s easier to work as a high school student than a college student.
  • cozy up to your favorite teachers, or ones who know you best. you’ll most likely need letters of recommendation to get into college. (getting letters of rec is 10x easier in hs than it is in college.) if you haven’t already, start participating more, do better in classes, win your teachers over. and if they do write you letters, thank them with a card or gift. 
  • high school is not the end. college isn’t the end. grad school isn’t even the end. don’t dramatize being a high school senior. strut those halls and rule the campus while you’re on top. 
  • realize that college isn’t “the real world” and get over the hype. college is just school for adults — you’ll get more freedom, meet more people, be more inspired, get one step closer to your career, etc. once you’re in, everything will be fine.
  • it’s okay to be nervous or clueless about your future. you’re a teenager. make sure to have options and be willing to go forth with one of those options until you know what you want.
  • get excited for college. high school sucked shit okay. who is going to miss 7am-2pm monday-friday classes?? no one, that’s who. college can be 11am lectures and 4pm labs if you want it. 

Jamie Benn | 10 Most Eligible Men in Dallas, 2014 | D Magazine

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ric del basso of the perth thunder scores a shootout goal, celebrates wildly x

Ask the Canes: Can you name three Disney Princesses?

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